Traditionally the PVC rigid film is being used as blister package for the cartridge of E-cigarette. It is transparent, formable, cost-effective, but with bad moisture-proof, which can lead to the dead of electronic parts of vape.

E-cigarette Vape

E-cigarette Vape Components

The package requirements in the electronic cigarette industry:

  1. High moisture-proof: to avoid the electronic parts damped.
  2. Good oxygen-proof: to avoid the electronic parts oxygenized.
  3. High transparency: perfect visible to customers.
  4. Easy formable: available for package of cartridge in different sizes on the same packaging machine.

Types of high barrier film

E-cigs vape with Blister Package

PVC/PVDC for Vape Blister Package

Normally the rigid plastic film is included PVC, PVC/ PVDC, other laminated film. Because of PVC’s lower barrier against the moisture, so PVC/ PVDC and PCTFE/ PVC(Aclar) are developed for improving.

1. PVC

Rigid PVC film is the most cost-effective formable film, but with lower moisture-proof, which can lead to the dead of electronic parts of vape.


PVDC is with higher moisture-proof property, so being used widely as the high barrier film. It is mostly coated on the PVC film, such as 60 & 90gram per square meters.

To pack the cartridge, the common specification is PVC 350mic + 60gsm or 90gsm.

Higher coating quantity, better barrier properties.


PCTFE/PVC(Aclar) laminate is with better vapor barrier than PVC/PVDC film. But with patent protection, the PCTFE is quite expensive.

Comparison entre them

Material Cost Formable Moisture-proof Oxygen-proof Sealable Visible
PVC Low Good Low Middle Good Good
PVC/PVDC Higher Good Higher Higher Good Good
PCTFE/PVC Highest Good Highest Higher Good Good

In one word, the PVC/PVDC film is the best choice to pack cartridge of E-cigarette.