Polylaminate for Wine Capsule

  • Width: 30--800mm;
  • Thickness: 50--130mic;
  • Core ID: 76 mm, cardboard; or 152mm, aluminum.
  • Roll OD: as order;
  • Surface: as order;
  • Packing: carton or plywood case
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Polylaminate for Wine Capsule

What is Polylaminate for wine Capsule?

Polylaminate capsules are being used in the packaging of high-end alcoholic beverages, such as wine and champagne. Polylaminate capsule have gained popularity in recent years due to their combination of quality, attractive cost, premium look, and ease of use.

Wine capsule (also referred to as “sparkling hoods”) are secondary closures that to cover either a champagne/ wine cork and wire hood; or a crown cap that is used to close sparkling juice beverages.

Polylaminate Capsules is made of two parts: the polylam skirt and the top disc, not like the one-part tin capsule.

Structure of Polylaminate for Wine Capsule

Polylaminate foil is a composite material, a kind of “sandwich” made of aluminum and polyethylene, in which polyethylene is laminated with aluminum foil on its both sides; aluminum layer is pre-lacquer adapted to printing technology (silk-screen, hot stamp, flexo or rotogravure) and inks (UV or solvent based).

Polylaminate material for wine capsule

Polylaminate foil for wine capsule

Polylaminate material is supplied in roll form, so the width is a key factor, the maximum width in Tiptop is 800mm.

Polylaminate for wine capsule is similar with the look and characteristics of tin, also malleable, and the key is at a greatly reduced price.

As you know, on the market there are many kinds & brands of wine, like Champagne, Crémant, Espumate, Cava, Whisky, Brandy, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Vodka, etc. Normally we could classify them into 3 types: spirits, still wine and sparkling wine.

We are also able to supply you the different thickness of polylam skirt for different wine:

Soft aluminum: 20my – 30my on both sides for still wine and spirits;

Soft aluminum: 12my – 20my on both sides for sparkling wine;

Polyethylene: 30my – 80my in the middle for all.

Usually the top disc is single layer of soft aluminum 80my, to form the plain, dome or semi-dome top, other thickness is also available.

Tiptop is based in Henan province, one of production centers of aluminum foils in China, close to many reliable foil factories with wide range of foil thickness: 6my — 200my, which make our supply very stable and delivery in time, to ensure the shorter lead time of your orders.

Plain Aluminum Foil

Plain Aluminum Foil

Printing Option for Polylaminate Foil

Tiptop is able to do the printing on polylaminate for wine capsules, up to four colors.

In this case, the printing artwork is necessary to make the printing cylinder firstly; if no printing design, the original sample or clear images are very helpful, we will work on the draft for you to confirm before sample and bulk production.

ODM service is available, you just need to give us your company name or logo or slogan and color option, we will make the artwork draft for you to confirm.

Tiptop’s partner of printing cylinder is professional and good at making the exact and durable one for bulk order in the future.

Based on more costs during production, the printed price will be a little higher. For exact one, please inquiry us now.

Packing of Polylaminate Foil:

in Tiptop, there is two types of packing:

For slitted rolls:

each roll is sealed in PE bag, loaded into carton. Cartons stack on plywood pallet, with four edge protectors and plastic film wrapping.

Approx 16-18tons for one 20ft FCL load, which depends on roll widths & weight.

Carton Pack

Carton Pack

For jumbo rolls:

roll is wrapped by PE film, then suspended in plywood case with silica gels.

Approx 18-20tons for one 20ft FCL container, which depends on roll widths & weight.

plywood case for jumbo roll foil

plywood case for jumbo roll foil

They both are strong enough and an effective shield against the dusts or damages during shipment to your company,