Aluminum Blister Foil

  • Width: 100--800 mm;
  • Thickness: primer 1.0gsm/ alu 20-30 mic/ lacquer 4-7gsm;
  • Core ID: 76 mm, cardboard or plastic;
  • Surface: natural or printed;
  • Packing: PE bag + carton or plywood case. Inquiry
Aluminum Blister Foil

What is blister pack

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Blister Foil

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Blister Foil

Blister pack is a popular packaging solution for tablet, capsule, pill, chewing gum, candy, and other small-size food, etc.. It consists of two parts: the lidding foil (commonly aluminum) and the semi-rigid formed cavity, both are good barrier to external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of lifetime.

Since the product is individually sealed into each blister, it is easy to carry and friendly to customer to consume as the using indication printed on the lid foils. Meanwhile the manufacturer’s name or logo printing is another good way to promote and market your products and company.

Structure of PTP blister foil

Aluminum blister foil is coated with primer and heat sealing lacquer on different side of plain aluminum foil, but without printing.

The primer coating is suitable for printing in customer’s plant, by solvent/ alcohol-base ink. It also withstands the high temperature of heating during blister packaging process, to guarantee the printing layout.

The heat sealing lacquer is food grade, and easy to seal with PVC, PVC/PVDC, Alu-Alu bottom foil, PP, etc, by heating on blister packaging machine.

Both soft and hard aluminum foil are used as the lid of the push-through pack (PTP).

By only a small stretching force, the cover foil hard temper can be broke relatively quickly; the unit-dose will be released easily, which is helpful for the weak patients or emergency.

On the other hand, soft aluminum foil is also being used as the closure; more force must be applied to get the drug since its higher stretching force. Thus, such pharmacutical packaging is considered to be children-resistant.

Tiptop’s PTP blister foils are manufactured by the proven technology, the qualified materials, the state-of-the-art machines and skilled workers to meet the high quality requirements of the pharmaceutical & food Industry, and it is registered and active in China FDA now.


Here is regular structures of aluminum blister foil in Tiptop:

Product code Structure Thickness Weight Max. width
TTP-PTPH-1 Primer 1.0gsm/ Alu 20mic/ HSL 3-7gsm 24±1mic 60±3gsm 800mm
TTP-PTPH-2 Primer 1.0gsm/ Alu 25mic/ HSL 3-7gsm 29±3mic 74±4gsm 800mm
TTP-PTPS-1 Primer 1.0gsm/ Alu 25mic/ HSL 3-7gsm 29±2mic 74±3gsm 800mm

Please kindly be noted: other thickness, like 28mic or 30mic, is also available in Tiptop, but production time will be a little longer, since raw materials will be purchased by order.

Printed aluminum blister foil


printed ptp aluminum foil

The printed PTP blister foil is available in Tiptop, up to five (4/1 or 3/2) colors, which means that Tiptop is equipped to do printing on both sides of aluminum foil. Work-and-back printing is no problem.

In this case, the printing artwork is necessary to make the printing cylinder firstly; if no printing design, the original sample or clear images are very helpful, we will work on the draft for you to confirm before sample and bulk production.

The cylinder will be available for the following orders with same printing. But if printing artwork is different, like a letter, a number, layout, etc, new cylinder will be needed.

Tiptop’s partner of print cylinder is professional and good at making the exact and durable one for bulk order in the future.

Based on more costs during production, the price of printed aluminum blister foil will be a little higher. For exact one, please inquiry me now.

Packing of aluminum blister foil:

for silted rolls:

Carton Pack

Carton Pack

1.1 each roll is sealed in PE bag, loaded into carton. Cartons stack into shipment container directly.

Aproxi 16-18tons for one 20ft FCL load, which depends on roll widths & weight.

1.2 each roll is sealed in PE bag, loaded into carton. Cartons stack on plywood pallet, with four edge protectors and plastic film wrapping.

Aproxi 15-16tons for one 20ft FCL load, which depends on roll widths & weight.

for jumbo rolls:

plywood case for jumbo roll foil

plywood case for jumbo roll foil

roll is wrapped by PE film, then suspended in plywood case with silica gels.

Approx 18-20tons for one 20ft FCL container, which depends on roll widths & weight.

They both are strong enough and an effective shield against the dusts or damages during shipment to your company,