Frequently Ask Any Question

This is FAQ for pharmaceutical blister packaging materials, please check for reference. For more infos, welcome your email, we will reply you soon.

1. Q:blister pack VS strip pack, which one is better for our products?

A: the pack depends on the drugs. If low-value and general ones, like many OTC medicines and chewing gum, candies, etc., Alu-PVC blister pack is good enough, and it is the most cost effective;

If high-value and sensitive ones, both strip pack and Alu-Alu blister pack are good choices. Alu-Alu price is a little higher, but packaging speed is faster, and better mechanical protection for dose inside by the semi-rigid pocket; strip foil price is a little lower, but packaging speed is lower, and larger pocket for same dose, so

For details of difference between blister and strip, please email us.


2. Q: as for Alu-Alu, how to know which foil structure is better for our products?

A: it is helpful to tell Tiptop the size of tablet/ capsule, or the forming drawing, thus Tiptop will suggest one thickness to you, and send a sample roll for machine trail in your plant.


3. Q: sample is available in Tiptop?

A: yes, if each sample roll (<4kgs), it is free of charge; if more needed, sample will be charged in advance, but the fees would be deducted when customer do payment of the first commercial order to Tiptop.

For printed sample, the cost of printing cylinder also will be charged in advance.


4. Q: MOQ in Tiptop?

A: different materials, different MOQ;

for printed PTP foil, MOQ is 500kgs; for the others, MOQ is 1000kgs.


5. Q: Tiptop has GMP certificate?

A: no, in China, GMP certificate is for only the pharmaceutical and APIs manufacturer;

for the primer packaging materials like Tiptop, there is only the registration licence released from China FDA bureau.


6. Q: lead time of incoterm FOB Tianjin/ Qingdao/ Shanghai, China?

A: different material, different time;

for unprinted PTP, PVC & PVC/ PVDC, lead time is about 10-15working days;

for printed PTP & Alu-Alu & Alu-PE, lead time is about 15-20working days;

for plain aluminum foil, lead time is about 20-25working days.


7. Q: we are interested in the printed foils, what should we do for?

A. for printed foils, the printing cylinder is needed, so the printing artwork is necessary in advance; if no printing design, the sample or clear images of blister pack are very helpful, we will work on the draft for you to confirm before sample and bulk production.


8. Q: for aluminum blister foil, can you coat the heat sealing lacquer (HSL) 6-8gsm?

A: yes, Tiptop is able to do it, but more lacquer needed, its price will be higher.

After many sealing tests, Tiptop figure out that 4.0-5.0gsm is the most effective and economic coating, its sealing strength is more than 10N/ 15mm, the standard is >7N/ 15mm.


9. Q: what is the recommended storge condition?

A: all foils should be kept in warehouse, no direct sunshine, and used by the first-in-first-out rule.

The best condition is temperature 10-35℃ and humidity 30-70%.