Dry Lamination vs Solventless Lamination

In the flexible package industry, the composite material combines the advantages of different layers, as better barrier for products inside.

Such as our material Alu-Alu or Alu/PE or polylaminate for wine capsule, they are composited materials with more than two layers. It’s one key character is peel-off strength between two layers, during the packaging production, the de-lamination is a big problem of quality, to avoid such problem, we should use the right lamination machine & lacquer.

Now in China market of flexible packages, there are mainly two types of lamination machines: dry one & solventless one, its configuration, cost, process, etc. are similar, but also different, please take this table for reference.

dry lamination vs solventless lamination

dry lamination vs solventless lamination

Item Dry Laminating Machine Solventless Laminating Machine
Configuration & layout Long, to add the heating & cooling channel to dry the lacquer Short, only winding, coating, rewinding rollers
Energy consumption High, since more electricity or gas for heating & cooling Low, electricity only for winding & rewinding
Machine price High Middle
Production cost High, since solvent & special stock area needed, and more energy for heating & cooling Middle
Lamination speed Low, normally 50-150m/min High, normally 200-300m/min
Coating Stop to change the roller with different mesh to adjust the quantity per m2, low efficiency Online change the speed of plain rollers to adjust the quantity per m2, high efficiency
Drying Key process to control quality None
Curing Auxiliary process to control quality Key process to control quality
Peel-off strength High Middle


  1. in general, the solventless lamination is better and eco-friendly in the area of production & cost, but for some usage, like cold forming with big punching pressure, as bag with heavy content or for boiling, etc. the dry lamination will be available recently.
  2. Now for the solventless lamination between aluminum and another film, its peel-off strength is not still good enough yet.

As for Alu-Alu in Tiptop,  the lacquer between BoPA and Alu & Alu and PVC that we are using is from USA, plus our modern dry lamination machine and developed curing process, which ensure good performance during the packaging production, such as no delamination and cracking.