UV ink and Solvent ink

In the printing industry, the two most commonly inks are UV ink and Solvent ink.



As for lacquered Alu foil for blister package of medicines, UV ink and solvent ink are being used for good printing. Because of different contents and working process, there are some facters in the table follewed, please check for reference.

Item UV ink Eco-solvent ink
1. UV ink is a more eco-friendly product, nearly not contains volatile organic compounds (VOC). Solvent ink is comprised of a fluid (base), pigment (color), and a resin (adherent), which means much more VOCs (about 50%).
2. Its curing is done in seconds by UV lamp, so not need the heating and exhaust devices. The solvent has to be evaporated by heating, and it will be harmful for operator and environment if in long time or high content.
3. Without heating progress, so the whole production will be faster. The production speed is slow to give enough time for heating and drying.
4. The UV light can cause a chemical reaction in the ink to form a water-insoluble plastic coating and firmly fix the ink to the medium, so no need the additional coating for protection. To protect the printing and promote drying time, the additional coating is necessary to prevent smudging or scratching.
5. UV ink can be used together with white ink, suitable for printing on a variety of materials. Eco-solvent ink has no white color, so the substrate cannot be black items.
6. Because white ink and dry at once, the printing can be with embossed effect. Printing is without such effect.


Our lacquered Alu foil is suitable for both UV ink and solvent ink. For printing test, sample is available; pls email me joe@tiptopfoil.com for details.