Team Building in TIPTOP

In China, July & August is the summer time, more than 35℃ temperatures almost every day. Normally it is off-season of production in the pharmaceutical industry, so we always plan to do the yearly team building activities during this period, to offer a good opportunity for communication among workers in different departments, to know each other better for more fluent co-working in the future.

Team Building in Tiptop

Team Building in Tiptop

Meanwhile it will help all workers temporarily get out off the daily busy jobs, to relax and be full energy again to offer excellent products and services to our valued customers in the following days.

At the same time, we also send the measuring equipments for the annual calibration, to keep them in good condition.

In last week, 8-14th, August, we went to a scenic area, a fabulous valley in the TAIHANG Mountain, the cool wind and clear brook. We all had a fan time.