Strip Package VS Blister Package

Blister package and strip package are two popular forms of the primary packages for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medicals, like tablets, capsules, pills, etc.



Blister package is a form of unit-dose packaging, in which a semi-rigid blister/ cavity previously formedfilled with products and lidded with a heat-sealable backing material. Here, blister/ cavity/pocket is formed either a thermoforming or cold forming process.

Strip packaging is an alternative form of unit dose packaging, in which a pharmaceutical product is enclosed between two webs of heat-sealable flexible film through either a heated reciprocating platen or a heated crimp roller.

Strip Package VS Blister Package

Strip Package VS Blister Package – Tiptop Joe

They both are unit-dose package, used for tablets, capsules, pills, other small size doses, etc., easy to handle and carry.

But there are also some differences between them.

No. Item Blister Package Strip Package
1 Material cost Alu-PVC blister is low, Alu-Alu blister is high Strip is rated between the two types of blister pack
2 Barrier protection Alu-PVC blister is lower, Alu-Alu blister is the highest and with light resistant Strip is high, also with light resistant
3 Mechanical protection Better, cavities are semi-rigid Lower, pockets are soft
4 Appearance Better with different shapes of blisters Lower
5 How-to-use Peeling or pushing Tearing
6 Child resistance Lower Higher
7 Application More, especially the plastic blister is being used for food, hardware, toys, etc. Less, mainly for pharmaceuticals & medicals.
8 Pocket area for drugs Smaller (Alu-PVC blister is smaller than Alu-Alu blister) Bigger than both two types of blister
9 Packagingspeed higher lower
10 Difficulties during packaging It may occur the cracking caused by un-matched molds during cold forming Pockets are too tight, thus, wrinkling of the seal area or perforation of the pocket periphery may occur.