What PVC PVDC cost consists of?

PVC PVDC cost consists of resins’ and additives’ price. Resins for PVC/PVDC or PVC/PE/PVDC, PVDC emulsion is another key material, key part of cost.

Annual Trend of PVC PVDC cost

Annual Trend of PVC PVDC cost

The production progress of rigid PVC is

Weighing resins & additives → Mixing them → Melting them → Rolling → Rewinding → Slitting → Packaging.

The production progress of PVC PVDC is

Rigid PVC making → Coating PVDC → Rolling → Rewinding → Curing → Slitting → Packaging.


In China market, there are two sources of resins: coal & petroleum. Coal is richer than petroleum in China, so many codes of resins are made from coal, SG-5 is one major code of resins for rigid PVC & PVDC as pharmaceutical blister packages.

Meanwhile, SG-5 cost is lower than the resin made from petroleum.

Rigid PVC is made of SG-5 resins with little quantities of additives, which means that the SG-5 pricing largely affect the cost of final products.


In September & October of year 2021, in order to get higher price, the coal mines reduced its output, beside winter (November – February) is the peak season of coal consumption in Northern of China, so the market worried about the supply of resins, and there was a lot of hot money involved, so SG-5 price raised heavily, after the interference of government, you can see that the price slid rapidly.

In the whole year 2022, the SG-5 cost was with the down trend in general, because March – May is traditional busy season of production in China.


In year 2023, my opinion is that the SG-5 resin pricing will be waved at low level, so it would be good chance to import rigid PVC & PVC/PVDC from China. Another good news is that China government canceled almost limited actions against COVID-19 in December, 2022, the production and transport of ingots & foils are coming to be normal now.


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