8 measures to keep top quality in Tiptop

In the whole production of blister & strip foils, there are 8 measures being taken in Tiptop:

9 Measures to Keep Top Quality in Tiptop

8 Measures to Keep Top Quality in Tiptop

  1. The plain aluminum foil is food grade, with RoHS certificate; other raw materials, such as lacquers, PVC and LDPE films, are also suitable for pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals & foods usage;
  2. The resin of PVC rigid film is also sanitary & safe (VCM <1ppm). During production, the mixing rate of resins and supplements, and the heating temperatures, they are key points for quality control, so we arrange two workers to finish the mixing and feeding jobs: one operator and another one as reviser.
  3. Workshop is clean (GMP D-class/ ISO 8-class), and run by “good manufacturer practices(GMP)”. There are clear and suitable procedure documents to clean the production machines & tools and walls & ceiling & floor, etc.;
  4. Our workers have been skilled and trained at a period. There are training plan and examination every year.
  5. The traceable whole production files are being always carried out in Tiptop, for each batch of blister & strip packaging foils, which obtains all information, such as: information about raw materials, operators & machine involved, records of production and QA/ QC, test report per batch, sample retention, etc.
  6. In Tiptop’ test room, there is a whole set of testing equipments, such as, precision electronic balance, heat sealing tester, OTR & WVTR testers, electronic peeling tester, Infrared Spectrometer, residue tester, etc.  Meanwhile the microbial room is to examine the sum-aerobe & mould & yeast and Escherichia Coli, etc.
  7. For regular clients, Tiptop will keep a certain amount of jumbo rolls stock for their urgent needs, and delivery the partial order in advance to keep the continuous production in client’s factory.
  8. Tiptop’s foil roll is sealed in PE bag, loaded into steady carton with two protection pads. Our package is good enough to protect goods during shipment.
  9. Since the good quality and service, there are many clients in China, Pakistan, Bolivia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Iraq, etc., who are using Tiptop’s blister & strip packaging foils.

If you are interested in testing sample, please do not hesitate to inquiry me by info@tiptopfoil.com, whatsapp: 008615515772204.